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It’s Essential for a Healthy Lifestyle

October 9th, 2015

Believe it or not, better oral health IS a key part of healthy living. Issues throughout your body can affect the health of your mouth. For example, diabetics are more prone to gum disease. At West Gray Dental, we stress the importance of maintaining your optimal health. It is essential to maintain a balanced diet with a variety of foods from each of the five major food groups, including:
• whole grains
• fruits
• vegetables
• lean sources of protein such as lean beef, skinless poultry and fish; dry beans, peas and other legumes
• low-fat and fat-free dairy foods
To learn what foods are best for you and your family, visit http://ChooseMyPlate.gov, a website from the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, an agency of U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Proper oral hygiene is most essential in the health of your mouth.
• Brushing teeth twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste and flossing at least once a day
• Using an antimicrobial rinse, which acts directly on the oral bacteria in the mouth, to reduce or prevent plaque and gingivitis
• Avoiding tobacco which encourage plaque and other bacteria to grow on teeth and gums
• Scheduling regular dental cleanings and check-ups twice a year